Security and Communications

Keeping your critical resources safe and secure world wide

The Security and Communications Division designs, installs and maintains Electronic Security Systems (ESS) at Government and commercial facilities all over the world. BCF is not just an installer and integrator. SCD designs, manufactures, installs and supports unique security products from the board level up. Our deep experience and design capability provides customers the assurance that BCF can support the dynamic challenges our customers face daily.

We have exceptional expertise in Integrated Security and Defense Systems, Tactical Surveillance Systems, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Counter-small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-sUAS), Alternate Energy Systems, Small Arms and Crew Served Weapon Systems, as well as the design of information networks that provide hardened physical and cybersecurity for customer installations.

BCF is certified by and is experienced in the design, delivery, and maintenance of the many different brands of Electronic Security Systems. We support the GSA FICAM Approved Product List equipment, as well as the Air Force Approved Equipment list. Some of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) we support are Hirsch Identiv, Genetec, , Vindicator, AXIS Cameras and VMS, VideoNext VMS, VICADS VMS, BOSCH VMS,FLIR Camelon, Flex Force Tactical CUAS, Linx Defense, and Honeywell. Further, we have existing commercial relationships with numerous components manufacturers and authorized vendors. These existing partnerships give BCF better pricing, comprehensive and practical technical solutions, and improved responsiveness. BCF SCD is capable of solving your problems the right way with the right solutions.

Product Certifications

  • Axis Gold Partner
  • BOSCH Cameras
  • FLIR Radars and Cameras
  • Genetech
  • HIRSCH Identiv Silver Partner
  • LINX Predator Elite
  • Southwest Microwave
  • Spotter Radars
  • Video Next
  • Vindicator Certified Design and Installation
  • OEMS on the USAF Approved Equipment List (Configuration Management Database Equipment Approval List)

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  • Access Control
  • Assessment
  • CBRNE Sensors
  • Long and Short Range Detection
  • Sensor Integration
  • USAF Certified Security Design
  • Video Management


  • Covert Surveillance
  • Medium and Long Range Thermal Sensors
  • Mobile Tactical Systems
  • Unattended Ground Sensors

Critical Facilities

  • Access Control
  • Assessment
  • CBRNE Sensors
  • High Value Asset Security System Design
  • Long and Short Range Detection
  • Sensor Integration
  • Video Management

Force Protection

  • Assessment
  • Command and Control
  • Detection
    • Radar, Shot Detection, UGS
  • Mobile Tactical Security

Integrated Security and Communications

  • Advanced Secure Communications
  • Rapid Prototype and Manufacture
  • Security Systems Engineering, Installation and Sustainment
  • Tactical Security and Surveillance Systems

Law Enforcement

  • CBRNE Sensors
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Sensor Integration
  • Signals Interception
  • Video Management




US Air Force Force Protection Systems III
US Army Project Manager Soldier Weapons
US Army Corps of Engineers Electronic Security Systems VII


General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule
US Border Patrol


BCF Solutions’ SCPS Division is not just another integrator; we have a solid history and deep capability to design, manufacture and support tailor-built products to critical customer requirements and specifications. Our knowledge base and experience in Force Protection and Critical Infrastructure Protection Applications enables BCF to maintain and support our customer's mission-critical systems over an extended service life. We do this cost-effectively while meeting their most stringent Service Level Agreements anywhere in the world.