ITER Nuclear Fusion

ITER Nuclear Fusion


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ITER (“The way” in Latin) is perhaps the most complex construction project in the world, and perhaps the most important for supplying energy to meet the world’s needs. ITER is a €13B fusion tokamak designed “to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy for peaceful purposes”. Governments from across the world are participating in its development.

With a long lifespan over than 30 years, it is intended that ITER will be a single step between the current set of fusion experiments and a fusion power plant designed to demonstrate safe and reliable, commercial electricity production. Construction began in 2006 in Cadarache, France and is due to through 2020 followed by an exploitation phase of 20 years.

Project Management Consulting & Systems Implementation

BCF Solutions supports all the functions for the central ITER Project Management Office (PMO). The team develops schedules and cost estimates in conjunction with the engineers from the seven Domestic Agencies to coordinate the development, assembly, installation, and test of the ITER fusion reactor. This work is primarily performed in France, although the BCF team travels to the various other Domestic Agencies world-wide as well. To support this, BCF has established a separate operating division called BCF Solutions France SARL, a legal French entity located in Aix-en-Provence, France.

  • Project Management Support
  • Organizational Performance Management
  • Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
  • In-kind Procurement Support
  • Finance Budget Support
  • Risk Management