The BCF TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM kit provides sector security with detection and assessment capabilities. Up to 4 radars can be mounted to the tower each providing a 90 degree detection sector. The BCF Day/Night PTZ camera provides up to 4 km of low light CCTV assessment and up to 1 km of thermal assessment for personnel and double those ranges for vehicles. The tower incorporates BCF’s intelligent Power Management Module (PMM) which optimizes power distribution and battery charging from a number of different power sources. An encrypted IP radio connects the tower to a Command and Control (C2) laptop or tablet computer. The GPS is man portable and comes in a duffle bag that is less than 5ft long at 40 lbs and a rugged transport case weighing approximately 60 lbs.

Specifications: Detection Range: up to 1km personnel, 2km vehicle CCTV Recognition Range: 2km Thermal Recognition Range: 1km Environmental Rating: IP66 Power Options: AC, Batteries, Solar, Wind, Generator Backup, Remote Status and Control Screen Operating Time: Indefinite on solar/wind or AC, 2 days on battery alone, 2-3 days on small generator Operating Temp: -20 to 60C Dimensions Deployed: 16′ high x 5′ radial ground footprint Dimensions Transport: Tower Bag 6″ x 6″ x 57″, Equipment Case 31″ x 20″ x 16″ Weight: Tower Bag 50lbs, Equipment Case 55lbs

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