Security Solutions


Digital Observation Guard (DOG)

THE BCF DOG System of Integrated Security and Surveillance equipment is designed with the user in mind. Each system can be adapted to the threat and the environment by non-technical personnel. DOG is a standalone security system designed to be portable, rugged, cost effective, easy to install in the field, and easy to maintain. All power and communications if self-contained and lends itself to harsh environments and easy installation. All cameras, sensors and radars can be powered at long distance (500m) through an innovative wired architecture. Multiple sensors can be configured for austere, industrial or urban environments.

The viewing and control station allows for simultaneous live video viewing, motion detection, video recording, and video playback of all feeds. DOG has a remote viewing and control capability via web browser. Our digital compression feature stores both scheduled video archive as well as motion detection event clips on its local hard drive. Recording and motion detection parameters are configurable including email, phone, and audio alerts.

BCF offers several DOG option kits that extend and customize the capabilities of the DOG system. All kits are self-contained and packaged in rugged airline compatible cases.